PD.Samsu is known trademarks since 1951 .

Samsu name is taken from the name of the owner of the herbal company Syamsir BA  born Jambu river, Pariangan Western Sumatra.

Therefore daily called Samsu which stands Syamsir Sungai Bambu.

Traditional herb Samsu combines herbal ingredients which are believed to improve the vitality of a man and without side effects

and has been exported to many countries.


Many couples can no longer enjoy sex life because husband who can not meet the needs of his wife ,

But now with Samsu, husbands no need to worried to be able to meet the needs of his wife.

Samsu can help the husband gain full sexual vitality that can make it last longer in the activities of intercourse.


Samsu longplay creating a happy marriage allows husband carry out the obligations and duties to the ability of the powerfull stamina and the length of time, thereby successfully providing full satisfaction entirely to his wife.

where the wife obtain absolute satisfaction that makes more dear and loving husband.

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